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Are you new to the blogging world and finding yourself getting lost in all of the lingo? So much to learn, so much to do, and only so many hours in the day.

How will you learn everything and how will you keep up? You could spend time reading “how to” blog posts and eBooks, but what if you only end up tired and confused after reading all that stuff?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Virtual Blog Coach that you could ask for help? Someone that could quickly answer your questions and teach you how to do things. And someone who will encourage you and support you when you get tired and run out of ideas. I bet you would love to learn how to increase your followers, and how to make money with your blog too.

As a Virtual Blog Coach I can help you with all of that, and more.

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Keeping up with all the latest and greatest  ways to spread the word about your excellent blog may be fun or it may be overwhelming.

Personally I love social media, but not everyone feels the same way.

As your social media manager I will ensure that all of your social media accounts are well taken care of.

I will increase your followers (with legitimate followers), interact with your followers, share your blog posts, both new and old, ensure that other people share your blog posts, and work hard to drive new traffic to your website.

I will make it appear as if you are online, and accessible, all day long.

As well, I will manage any special requests that you might have.

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You already know how time consuming managing a blog can be.

And everyday there seems to be new things to learn and more stuff to do, if you want to continue to attract new readers and maintain their interest.

How is a person suppose to keep up with all of that and still enjoy their life?

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, hire me to help you out.

I can manage your blog for you, and then you can spend less time online, and more time doing the things you enjoy.

Managing your blog can include editing, uploading and publishing new posts, as well as creating new images for each post. I can also moderate comments for you.

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how can I help you?

The personal touch…

You could sign-up and pay for online coaching programs, seminars, webinars, and an inbox chuck full of emails on how to do everything, but who has the time to read and apply all of that information?

We all lead busy lives, and while blogging is enjoyable, and a good way to make money, you certainly do not want it to consume every waking moment of your life.

What you want is someone to hold your hand and help you with all of the details that you are not familiar with so that you do not have to stay up all night surfing the Net looking for answers.

And there will be times when you wish you had someone that could just step in and get things done.

Let’s face it, being a Jack or Jill or all trades can simply lead to burnout. And who needs that? Once you start looking at your blog as a burden instead of something you enjoy, chances are good you will post less and less, and then one day, you will stop posting all together.

If you let that happen you may live to regret it, especially if you were earning money from your blog and then the money stops coming in because you stopped working on it.

Instead of burning yourself out, hire me to help you.

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